23 Years Old Going On 7

Posted: November 9, 2011 by ndbohlen in Grantland
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Nick: I could have sworn I just turned 23, but I stumbled across this quote that has me questioning how old I really am:

“I don’t know if you remember being 7 years old, but there’s a good chance sports were the only thing that mattered to you. Not friends, not family, not eating, not sexting, not sleeping, just sports.”

That describes me perfectly (well, I’m moderately interested in sexting, but that only started with the NBA lockout). Does this mean I’m really just 7 years old?

Mike: Where did you quote that from? And did you actually have delusions of being 23? My understanding of male maturity is that we remain 7-year-olds until we’re 80. Then we go into a nursing home and turn 15. We have a brief moment of reflection and maturity with thirty minutes left to go, then we die.

Nick: I found it on Grantland, of course. Where else?

And no, I didn’t think I was 23, but I thought I was at least in the 17-19 year old range.  An overwhelming desire to constantly drink, no job or future prospects, bumming around with nothing better to do than constantly drink.  Your version of male maturity sounds about right, though – so uplifting.

Mike: Just doing the work of Yahweh, my friend. He can’t uplift everyone on his own.


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