Week 11 Picks

Posted: November 20, 2011 by ndbohlen in NFL, Picks

I hardly know where to begin.

Having beaten Michael in last week’s picks, I am in the glorious position of introducing our picks against the spread for Week 11. But so many factors fell in my favor over the past seven days, I don’t even know how to start kicking Mike while he’s down. I understand I’m supposed to draw my leg back and swing it forward (all metaphorically, of course), but there are just so many vulnerable spots for my foot to land. I feel like Herman Cain trying to answer foreign policy questions about Libya – so many thoughts twirling around my head!

First, the Patriots demolished the Jets on Sunday night. Boom! Right to the groin. That Pats win helped propel me to a victory in our Week 10 picks. Double boom! Oops, upside your head. Then, like the unpopped cherry on top of an orgasmic sundae, Tim Tebow drove 95 yards on Thursday night to score the game-winning touchdown against the Jets defense with less than a minute left. Oh baby! Right in the gut! The only way the Broncos win could have been any better would have been if Tebow threw the go-ahead touchdown  – then I could safely say the Broncos won behind the loopy left arm of Tim Tebow AND the right hand of God.

Of course, both Mike and I picked the Jets laying six to the Tebows, leaving us both at 0-1 to start Week 11. I have never been so incredibly glad to be so incredibly wrong.

But I’m going to stop harping on Mike’s sports insecurities before I send him off the deep-end, because a) I can’t afford to pay rent by myself, b) I can’t run Roommate Rivals singlehandedly, and c) I want to continue making fun of Mike in the future.

Also, it turns out Mike still holds a better overall record picking against the spread each week. Damn it.

New York Jets at Denver Broncos

Mike: Jets (-6)

Nick: Jets (-6)

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

Mike: Bills (+3)

Nick: Bills (+3)

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

Mike: Ravens (-7)

Nick: Ravens (-7)

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns

Mike: Browns (-1.5)

Nick: Jaguars (+1.5)

Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings

Mike: Raiders (+1.5)

Nick: Vikings (-1.5)

Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions

Mike: Lions (-7)

Nick: Lions (-7)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers

Mike: Buccaneers (+13.5)

Nick: Packers (-13.5)

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins

Mike: Cowboys (-7)

Nick: Cowboys (-7)

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers

Mike: Cardinals (+10)

Nick: 49ers (-10)

Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams

Mike: Seahawks (+3)

Nick: Seahawks (+3)

San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears

Mike: Bears (-4)

Nick: Bears (-4)

Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons

Mike: Titans (+6.5)

Nick: Falcons (-6.5)

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

Mike: Giants (-6)

Nick: Giants (-6)

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

Mike: Patriots (-15)

Nick: Patriots (-15)

Last Week’s Results (Overall Record)

Mike: 9-8 (19-12)

Nick: 10-7 (18-13)


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