Week 12 Picks – Thanksgiving Edition

Posted: November 24, 2011 by mzyohai in NFL, Picks
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What is more glorious than beating Nick in our weekly picks? Eating six KFC Double-Downs in a single sitting? No. Pulling off a prank and framing your siblings? Sorry, that’s not even in the top-5 in the glory-rankings. But one thing does surpass the glory of a mere win: the glory of winning on the week of Thanksgiving, when I get to write the Nick-bashing introductions for both Thursday’s picks and Sunday’s picks. For this, I am indeed thankful.

Nick, you couldn’t even break even on your picks last week. Does watching football become really confusing for you if you don’t get a stiffy when you look at the quarterback, like you do for Brady? Do you lose all football knowledge when the match-up doesn’t involve a runningback with an innuendo-laden name, like Woodhead? I always needed proof that Boston fans don’t actually know anything beyond their own teams… and now I have it! Oh wait, there was always Bill Simmons. (Like you, Nick, Bill also couldn’t break .500 in his picks last week. He also made the same Turkey Day picks as you. I hope nobody actually listens to the supposed gambling acumen you both purport to have just because you obsess over one city’s vomit-inducing teams.)

Well, now that I’ve slighted both Nick and Bill Simmons’ football knowledge, I can fully expect that I’ll have my foot in my mouth by the end of this holiday. Even if I go 0-3 this Thursday, I can still hold out hope that the Pats will lose this week’s trap game against the Eagles. Vince Young, baby!

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

Mike: Packers (-6)

Nick: Lions (+6)

Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys

Mike: Dolphins (+7)

Nick: Cowboys (-7)

San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens

Mike: 49ers (+3.5)

Nick: Ravens (-3.5)

Last Week’s Results (Overall Record)

Mike: 8-5-1 (27-17-1)

Nick: 5-8-1 (23-21-1)

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