Week 12 Picks – Part II

Posted: November 27, 2011 by mzyohai in NFL, Picks

Thanksgiving has come and gone. The turkey was stuffed, cooked, cut, and eaten. Your uncle said something mildly offensive when he got drunk, and almost fought you when you suggested that he was too drunk to drive back. And your baby cousin managed to break something incredibly valuable while running around and touching anything even remotely interesting… but you couldn’t even get angry, because she’s just so cute when she knows she did something bad. And now all of that is in the past. But one thing cannot stay in the past: Nick’s losing record.

Nick did so poorly last week that you’d think he’d actually make an effort to regain some dignity over Thanksgiving. Fortunately, Nick appears to enjoy having a losing record almost as much as Tom Brady likes being little spoon to Bill Belichick. Nick went 1-2 on Thursday, while I went 2-1. Get ready for Nick to endure a weekly beatdown in this  segment of the blog… I might start calling it “Mike’s Weekly Picks.”

Nick, I’m getting so confident in your complete lack of competence that I’m thinking of a bet. How about this… for the playoffs, we’ll make picks on the spread. And maybe we can add in a couple of other side bets to make it more interesting. What’s at stake? Glad you asked. The loser has to buy the winner his team’s helmet, and take a picture wearing it with a sign… with an emasculating message on it. That picture becomes to loser’s profile picture for a month. You in?

Without further ado, this week’s picks:

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams

Mike: Cardinals (+2.5)

Nick: Rams (-2.5)

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

Mike: Jets (-9.5)

Nick: Jets (-9.5)

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

Mike: Bengals (-7)

Nick: Bengals (-7)

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike: Jaguars (+6.5)

Nick: Texans (-6.5)

Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts

Mike: Panthers (-3.5)

Nick: Panthers (-3.5)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans

Mike: Titans (-3)

Nick: Bucs (+3)

Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons

Mike: Falcons (-9.5)

Nick: Falcons (-9.5)

Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders

Mike: Bears (+3)

Nick: Bears (+3)

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks

Mike: Redskins (+3)

Nick: Seahawks (-3)

New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles

Mike: Patriots (-3.5)

Nick: Patriots (-3.5)

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

Mike: Chargers (-5.5)

Nick: Broncos (+5.5)

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs

Mike: Steelers (-10.5)

Nick: Steelers (-10.5)

New York Giants at New Orleans Saints

Mike: Giants (+7)

Nick: Saints (-7)

Thanksgiving Results (Overall Record)

Mike: 2-1 (27-17-1)

Nick: 1-2 (23-21-1)


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