Chiefs at Jets: Picking on Palko

Posted: December 10, 2011 by ndbohlen in Jets, NFL, Prediction
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Nick: Just as the Patriots are squaring off against the Redskins (recently vanquished by the Jets), Rex Ryan and company face the Kansas City Chiefs (dismantled 34-3 by the Pats just a few weeks ago). Like you, I’m going to forgo the usual numerical theatrics and jump right in to what I vaguely remember from watching that game in a mildly buzzed stupor.

First, Tyler Palko. All I can say is this: Enjoy eating him alive. Even the Patriots defense forced him into three interceptions, and we have three guys plucked off the street and one wide receiver forming our four-man secondary. Palko’s signature moment that allowed him to keep his starting job was a heave-ho to end the first half that happened to get swatted directly into Dexter McCluster’s arms for an unbelievable (as in, “I am in disbelief”) touchdown. That, and the fact that Kyle Orton had the misfortune of crunching his throwing hand into a defender’s helmet on his first play replacing a benched Palko. One dislocated finger and one hail mary, and somehow Palko is good enough to take the field in the first quarter as a starting QB. Go figure.

I guess my question regarding the Chiefs offense would be, Is your team prepared to see some Ricky Stanzi? No, seriously. There’s a 50-50 chance he comes out to start the second half.

Mike: The Jets haven’t been too hot with interceptions. They only nabbed one off of Rex Grossman in the waning seconds of last week’s game. Rex has fluctuated between pretty good and head-scratchingly incompetent. Last week, he was worse that incompetent and still the Jets couldn’t pick him off. I’m hoping the defense remains focused on playing as well as they did after the first two drives in last week’s game. They were so shut-down good that they didn’t need to interceptions. Again, they need to play as if the interceptions are a nice bonus, not the main objective.

I have to say that I love that Kyle Orton won’t be playing this week though. Most Jets fans aren’t too concerned about either QB… and for good reason. But with the Jets perpetually on the brink of dropping out of the playoff race, I would prefer the Jets to play against teams that don’t even resemble the physical ability of lingerie football teams.

But, I would pay good money to see the Jets play against an actual lingerie football team.

Back to semi-revelant things, the Madden 2012 simulation on ESPN has Jim Leonhard making a pick on Palko. Probably because Palko will, if he has a brain, avoid Revis Christ. But Cromartie is up for one of his games that makes you think he’s good… maybe even great. If he has one of those, I’ll be worrying for the next 7 days about how poorly he’ll perform in the following game against the Eagles.

Nick: I’m pretty sure that any interceptions will have nothing to do with your defense and everything to do with Tyler Palko. It comes down to whether or not your DBs can manage to catch the ball. And I’m 100% positive that any interceptions will have nothing to do with ESPN’s idiotic Madden simulation.

As for Cromartie, it seems like he has checked out. He failed to even attempt to tackle Tebow on his game-winning touchdown run, and the past two weeks he played like he was in a three-legged race while the Bills and Redskins receivers were running unfettered. But like you said, he can be lightning in a bottle, and maybe this is the week that gets captured.

As for the Chiefs defense, they are surprisingly good. They managed to make life pretty miserable for Tom Brady in the first half of that game, and they have been incredibly stingy since then, too. They held the Steelers to a meager 13 points in that Monday night loss, then suffocated the Bears to just 3 points thanks to seven sacks and Caleb Hanie’s unmatched ability to put the football up for grabs by throwing it in a blind panic whenever anyone gets near him (regardless of what team they’re on – makes huddling up kind of hard).

Mike: I can imagine the Jets having some trouble with the Chiefs defense, but the Jets put together an opening drive TD last week, which they haven’t done since they played the Jaguars, if I recall. (I was at that game, so I definitely recall) And with Tom Moore sticking around Florham Park for the rest of the season, I think the Jets offense will start to pick it up a bit. Moore is just infinitely better than Brian Schottenheimer, and I’m pretty sure that Moore was pretty much calling the game last week via Rex Ryan. In other words, Moore radios to Ryan, Schottenheimer is overruled, Ryan calls the play.

In terms of their last two games, in which they kept their opponents to very low scores, I don’t really know how to react. But there’s something very odd about the Steelers right now, especially after the Browns kept them to 14 points and they failed to score from the 2-yard line on four-consecutive plays. And the Bears… well, “Da Bears.”

Nick: I agree, keeping the Bears (minus Forte, no less) to 3 points is no great feat. The Steelers are in a bit of a funk it seems, but they were missing Roethlisberger (at least at full-strength) and the Browns defense has been impressive against the pass this year, only allowing 19.5 points per game anyway. Justin Houston and Tamba Hali are pretty good pass rushers, but this team does give up some big running plays. Do you foresee Shonn Greene and the O-line pounding their small front seven into submission?

Mike:  Because the run has been a problem for the Chiefs defense, I’m expecting more of the Wildcat that made an unexpected comeback in the Jets playbook last week. The Jets hadn’t been using the direct snap very often this year… I can only remember seeing it twice in the games that I attended. I hope the Jets gash the run defense open.

Nick: Behind the ground game and Palko’s paltry play, I think the Jets continue their recent win streak and stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. Sadly for you, I don’t think it will actually end up in a playoff appearance, but enjoy this week’s win anyway. Final score: Jets 20, Chiefs 10

Mike: The Jets have a tendency to lose games inexplicably at this time of year. But the Jets have been changing a lot of their “Same Old Jets” trends this year: a win after the bye week, a strong record at home… and now a solid win over a fledgling team.

I’m still hearing the echoes of J-E-T-S from way down in “Ol’ D.C.” Final Score: Jets 24, Chiefs 13


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