Giants “at” Jets: The Christmas Eve Snoopy Bowl

Posted: December 23, 2011 by mzyohai in Jets, NFL, Prediction
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Nick: Sooooo, how about that Jets defense, huh?

Mike: Really? Your first swipe is at the Jets defense?

Nick: Of course my first swipe is at your defense! I expect your offense to stumble around like a drunken high school girl on its way to ineptitude. But your defense is supposed to carry you to wins despite having a mediocre quarterback that can’t even outplay this class of rookies in his third year. Besides, I have to start somewhere, so I might as well go for the jugular.

Supposedly the foundation, the rock on which your beloved football team is built, the very basis for their success the past two years and coming into this season, the followers of Revis Christ just watched the Philadelphia Eagles hang 45 points on their savior. For those of you keeping track at home, that’s the fifth time this Jets defense has given up at least 30 points in a game. Hey kids, did you know that even the miserable excuse of a defense called the New England Patriots has only done that once? As a Jets defender (or fan, for that matter), that’s not a good stat to have on your resume.

Mike: For the record, Revis Christ had nothing to do with the Jets’ poor defensive performance. DeSean Jackson only caught two passes for a total of 28 yards that night. Revis Christ still saves and loves you. Tebow style, “God Bless.”

Nick: I never said Revis was the reason that the defense got torched. But he’s the captain, and your best player, and therefore he should be held accountable. Even if he is to you as Tebow is to Denver.

Mike: OK, the above is exactly what the Jets CANNOT do this week: commiserate about that loss and bicker about who was to blame. (It was Brian Schottenheimer and Rex Ryan for not helping Wayne Hunter with blocking)

This week the battle for New York and playoff survival is the focus. I’ve been looking forward to this throw-down since I saw the schedule in April. Now that it has actual significance for both teams, I…. I…. “Can’t wait!”

Nick: Luckily for the Jets defense and fan base, Eli and company are coming off a piss-poor performance that saw them shut out of the end zone by the Redskins until the game’s final minute (hooray for meaningless garbage time stat padding!). The younger Manning brother coughed up three interceptions, and the Giants offense was a pathetic 1/4 in red zone scoring for 10 total points. Their receivers dropped easy completions, and they couldn’t even capitalize on two first quarter interceptions by Rex “I really shouldn’t be a starting quarterback” Grossman.

Mike: The fact that Osi Umenyiora and Jake Ballard (and maybe even Manningham) are going to be sidelined is another lucky break for Gang Green. With their biggest TE out with an injury, the Jets might have a shot here.  Little-Manning-Face relies on his WR threats (who were no-names before this season, and will likely be no-names after this season as well), which the Jets can cover well.

The Big Blue running game has been a complete disaster this year.

Nick: I’m sorry, but the Giants do not have no-name receivers. Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham are both talented WRs who can make Antonio Cromartie nothing more than a special teams player. And Victor Cruz may have been an anonymous player coming into the season, but with an array of clutch circus catches and considering he’s top-five in the league in receiving yards, I would say he’s pretty well-known by now.

Mike: Nick, no matter how much you play up the Giants offense in order to compensate for the inexplicable dump they took on the Patriots earlier this year, it still won’t make the Giants a good football team. They lost half their players before the year even began. And lest we forget, the Giants are 7-7. That’s the same record as the Seahawks… who beat the Giants.

Nick: I’m of the opinion that last week was an aberration, because if ever there were a trap game in the schedule, this Redskins game was it. I know they’re a divisional rival, and I know the ‘Skins had already beaten the Giants earlier this season, but the Giants were coming off a brutal stretch of New England on the road, at San Francisco, Philly at home, at New Orleans, home for Green Bay, at Dallas, Washington at home, and then this week’s game against their crosstown rivals. That’s four games against teams with the four best records in the NFL, then three division games, then a battle for supremacy in New York. Oof. If there were any game to let their guard down and treat like a cakewalk, last week was it.

Mike: If you want to play the trap game card, go ahead. But remember that the Giants didn’t get across the 50 yard line until after the first two-minute warning. They only got beyond their own forty twice in the first half. So much for a top-ranked passing offense.

Nick: I’m not one to defend the Giants, so I’m writing this only to bring me back to my original point, which was insulting the Jets: I don’t think the same team that was a no-show last week is going to come to MetLife this week.

Mike: It’s JetLife.

Nick: I hate Eli as much as any person alive, but I think he’s going to come to play against the Jets and their “vaunted” secondary. Like the Jets, the Giants need to win out to control their own destiny in securing a postseason berth. For some reason, I think they might actually play like it, desperate, determined, and like their playoff chances are on life support (you know, because they are).

The offense put up two stellar performances against Green Bay and Dallas, and with any luck, they will show up to do the same in this week’s faux-road game.

Mike: The Giants that we’re going to see on Saturday are a shade of the ones that handed the Patriots their first home loss in 23 games.

Nick: I never was talking about the Giants team from Week 9. I was talking about the Giants team that went toe to toe with Green Bay and beat the Cowboys with an impressive fourth quarter comeback. But you can cherry pick from two months ago as you wish.

Mike: OK, so your proof is that they lost and they beat a team that plays as if they receive incentives for collapsing in the 4th quarter?

Nick: Might I remind you that you once said that you thought this Giants team was a top-five team in all of football? How quickly you reverse tread.

Mike: I don’t ever remember posting such an opinion on this blog. As for any evidence you may have that I said that, I turn to my hero and mentor, Homer Simpson, who said, “Facts? Psh, you can use those to prove anything.”

I happen to think that losing 5 out of the last 6 is more indicative of their ability. And the Giants lost to the Eagles when Vince Young was under center.

The Jets offense is what matters. The Giants defense has been another disappointment for that team. But Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul are anything but. They’re perennial show-stoppers. D’Brickashaw Ferguson will have his work cut out when he takes on JPP. So far the Jets have fought best when their backs are against the ropes, do you think the Jets offense can vamp it up and knock the Giants out of contention? Or are they so pissed about giving life to the Eagles’ playoff hopes that they let the Giants win and ground the Eagles as payback?

Nick: As for whether the Jets offense can show up, my answer is a straight, unequivocal NO. They’re terrible. Mark Sanchez has regressed (or maybe just hasn’t progressed), and has looked severely overwhelmed against any team that approaches mediocre. With JPP and Tuck bearing down on him, I don’t expect his decision-making to get any better. If the Jets line couldn’t control Jason Babin, then how in the world are they going to slow down the Giants defensive front? They are light years better than the Eagles.

Mike: Before you cream your pants thinking about the muscular Giants pass rushers, take a look at the stats. The Giants have the 29th ranked pass defense and the 22nd ranked rushing defense. Hey, wow, that makes them one of the worst defensive teams in the league. Actually, they’re tied with the Colts in overall defensive rank. They give up a lot of big plays.

Nick: That’s why the Jets will have to get some semblance of a run game going to keep those two DEs out of the equation; otherwise it could be a long day for the Sanchise. Do you feel like Shonn Greene is going to give you something to cheer for this week in the offense, or is it going to be a repeat performance of poor passing (and catching…. here’s looking at you, Mr. Holmes)?

Mike: I expect Shonn Greene to have a strong day, but I don’t think we’ll see him scoring much. Shonn Greene’s most important role is to keep the defense on their heels and tired. In other words, he needs to make it easier for Sanchez by keeping the defense honest. If they accomplish that, then I expect the Jets to gut the Giants this week. Plaxico rightly pointed out to Rex Ryan that the Giants still run the same offense that they did in 2007. (Looks like the Pats fell for it twice… bummer) In addition to Plaxico giving the Jets defense an inside scoop on the Giants’ offense, I cannot wait to watch him snatch up passes in the red zone.

Nick: You might have your head in the clouds (by which I mean your ass) and think that their performance against Tyler Palko and Todd Haley is more indicative than how they played last week against the Eagles, but I disagree. I think this Giants team will come to play and at least make a game of it. I will never trust Mark Sanchez to do anything competently (well, except date Kate Upton, apparently, I’ll give him that), and their defense will probably be able to handle Eli’s one-dimensional air attack enough to lead the Jets to a win.

But every time I try to put down the final score with the Jets on top, my fingers recoil, not from the hideous act of predicting a Jets win, but because they just can’t bring themselves to believe it will happen. It just seems too improbable that the Jets will put up enough points to win, no matter how bad you tell me the Giants defense is. It worked for me last week, so let’s keep the “Screw it!” train rolling. Final Score: Giants 24, Jets 21

Mike: Paint the town green. The Jets are taking Snoopy home. Final Score: Jets 28, Giants 14


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