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So the football season has come to an end. For both of us. Tragically for each of our respective teams, only a month apart. Now we have less than a month until free agency opens up. The Patriots are $20 million under the salary cap coming into the 2012 season… but that’s mostly because they have 20 players entering free agency. Considering that the Patriots had 18 undrafted free-agents playing on their Super Bowl team, this might be an interesting situation for them to see who they go after and what kind of team they want to put together.

But let’s take the departures first and examine who the Pats will pick up and who they will tell to pack up:


Mike and I do our best to defy our bias, computer simulations, and the difficulty of seeing into the future to predict who will come out on top in this Sunday’s grudge match between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Which of us will be right? And yes, one of us has to be correct. There is no gray area.

MIKE: This Sunday. 4:15 EST. Patriots at Steelers. Talk about a fucking match-up. The Steelers’ top-ranked defense against the Pats’ top-ranked offense. I obviously want to just launch into a rant about how much I hate both Big Rape Ben and Tommy-Boy. But I suppose I’ll resist for just a bit and see what the numbers show. (more…)