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So the football season has come to an end. For both of us. Tragically for each of our respective teams, only a month apart. Now we have less than a month until free agency opens up. The Patriots are $20 million under the salary cap coming into the 2012 season… but that’s mostly because they have 20 players entering free agency. Considering that the Patriots had 18 undrafted free-agents playing on their Super Bowl team, this might be an interesting situation for them to see who they go after and what kind of team they want to put together.

But let’s take the departures first and examine who the Pats will pick up and who they will tell to pack up:


We didn’t get to watch Sunday night’s Patriots-Jets game together, but that doesn’t stop us from tormenting each other by text message. The following back-and-forth is the reason, in a nutshell, why we will never be allowed on live television as sports commentators.

So in honor of Mike crapping his khakis in the middle of a crowded bar (and Nick illegally pitching a tent in Zuccotti Park, in a manner of speaking) if the Jets lose tonight for the second time in four days, we present to you the dark descent into the expletive-laden madness of a now inconsolable fan.

All while his friend and roommate gleefully flaunts his overwhelming joy in 160 characters or less.

Enjoy our Texts from Last (Sunday) Night: (more…)