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Mike: The Celtics must be one of the luckiest teams in the league right now. They lose their All-Star point guard and sole claim to youth, Rajon Rondo, then immediately rip off a 4-game win-streak, including one of the largest comeback wins in history against Orlando.

Nick: Thanks for jinxing the C’s, Mike. Right after you wrote this they fell to the Cleveland “We’re trying to get excited about Kyrie Irving replacing LeBron” Cavaliers.

Mike: After I completely jinxed the Jets against the Broncos and later their entire season, I think I learned a thing or two about the power of the jinx, and I’ve managed to master of the art of applying it judiciously.

But Rondo might be out until the All-Star Break. Yikes.

Rondo’s replacement, who is also making moves for a spot on the Crazy-Awesome Athlete Name Team, E’Twaun Moore, is providing some help, but the brunt of the play-making is falling on Paul Pierce’s shoulders.

Nick: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Pierce seems to have no trouble assuming such a role, unlike Mr. Melo. Granted Anthony has been hurt, but 1 point, 4 assists last week? Please.

Mike: I’m glad you’re so supportive of Pierce considering he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn when he first came back from injury. I’m not giving Pierce credit just yet. He’s making up for past sins as far as I’m concerned.

Nick: Last I checked, his latest box scores weren’t cancelled out or penalized because of a slow start. In the parlance of childhood bedtime stories, the tortoise beats the hare, my friend.

Mike: Either way, Rondo’s injury derailed the Celtics’ season plan of resting the oldies so their legs would be ready for a playoff run. Instead of starting slow and steady like the tortoise, Doc Rivers has already had to play the veteran Big Three at a breakneck, hare-like pace.

Do the Celtics need to make a move here, or would you rather see them ride it out until the All-Star break? (more…)

Christmas Day is almost upon us, which means I get to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus soon. I almost wish I were as Jewish as you for this Christmas, though, because I think I would much rather celebrate a full day of NBA basketball instead. (Although I must say, I do appreciate the early gift of Kobe’s wrist injury.)

On this holiest of the days (by which I mean the start of the NBA season and the arrival of more sports into our lives), the Celtics, Knicks, Heat, Bulls, and Magic, the five teams with the highest expectations going into this season, all play in the name of their Lord and Savior (I say that as a joke, but it’s probably true). In honor of the unexpected gift of a 66 game basketball season, Mike and I present you with a preview of the East (well, the teams that matter anyway, and clearly the West doesn’t count since we’re Knicks and Celtics fans, respectively).

We’ll take you through the highest hopes and the darkest nightmares of each of the top-five teams in the East, starting with the heavy favorites and heavily hated Miami Heat. (more…)