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So the football season has come to an end. For both of us. Tragically for each of our respective teams, only a month apart. Now we have less than a month until free agency opens up. The Patriots are $20 million under the salary cap coming into the 2012 season… but that’s mostly because they have 20 players entering free agency. Considering that the Patriots had 18 undrafted free-agents playing on their Super Bowl team, this might be an interesting situation for them to see who they go after and what kind of team they want to put together.

But let’s take the departures first and examine who the Pats will pick up and who they will tell to pack up:


Nick: In our preview of the Kansas City Chiefs vs. the Patriots, you couldn’t help but toss in a barb directed at the Patriots defense. Despite getting manhandled on Sunday night, you couldn’t begrudge the New England defense even the slightest of compliments.  And I took some serious offense – no one disrespects my team and gets away with it. Even if I don’t know most of the names of the players on the field because they were just signed off the practice squad.

 I quote,

The Patriots’ defense still isn’t good. Mark Sanchez wasn’t fooled or outplayed… at least not by any amount that should give you hope. Sanchez was obscenely sloppy. Belichick’s major improvement was in the offensive scheme, not the defensive. I think there are still plenty of reasons to doubt the Patriots’ defense. Not any that would preclude a win in Foxboro this weekend, but plenty that ought to raise eyebrows as the Pats eye another trip to the playoffs.

I agreed with you, reiterating that I could barely spring a semi-hard at the thought of the Pats defense. But I hardly was about to let you get away with this “The New York Jets beat the New York Jets” crap, which is exactly what Chargers tight end Randy McMichael said after San Diego lost to the Jets a couple of weeks ago.

What ensued was a bitter grudge match that saw two heavyweights (literally; I guess that’s what IVs of IPA will do to you) go toe-to-toe in defense of their team and their moral principle of never admitting that the opposition has a point.

We pick up the action with Mike’s response to my accusation that he believes the Patriots were mere bystanders as the nation watched his Jets beat themselves. Cue the music(more…)