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Mike: The Celtics must be one of the luckiest teams in the league right now. They lose their All-Star point guard and sole claim to youth, Rajon Rondo, then immediately rip off a 4-game win-streak, including one of the largest comeback wins in history against Orlando.

Nick: Thanks for jinxing the C’s, Mike. Right after you wrote this they fell to the Cleveland “We’re trying to get excited about Kyrie Irving replacing LeBron” Cavaliers.

Mike: After I completely jinxed the Jets against the Broncos and later their entire season, I think I learned a thing or two about the power of the jinx, and I’ve managed to master of the art of applying it judiciously.

But Rondo might be out until the All-Star Break. Yikes.

Rondo’s replacement, who is also making moves for a spot on the Crazy-Awesome Athlete Name Team, E’Twaun Moore, is providing some help, but the brunt of the play-making is falling on Paul Pierce’s shoulders.

Nick: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Pierce seems to have no trouble assuming such a role, unlike Mr. Melo. Granted Anthony has been hurt, but 1 point, 4 assists last week? Please.

Mike: I’m glad you’re so supportive of Pierce considering he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn when he first came back from injury. I’m not giving Pierce credit just yet. He’s making up for past sins as far as I’m concerned.

Nick: Last I checked, his latest box scores weren’t cancelled out or penalized because of a slow start. In the parlance of childhood bedtime stories, the tortoise beats the hare, my friend.

Mike: Either way, Rondo’s injury derailed the Celtics’ season plan of resting the oldies so their legs would be ready for a playoff run. Instead of starting slow and steady like the tortoise, Doc Rivers has already had to play the veteran Big Three at a breakneck, hare-like pace.

Do the Celtics need to make a move here, or would you rather see them ride it out until the All-Star break? (more…)